Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Luke's Adventures (while Mom nurses)

Luke very quickly figured out that while I'm nursing I am not nearly as vigilant. Here are a few things that Luke has done in the past week while I was nursing:

1. Pushed chairs over to light switches and turned lights on and off to his heart's content.
2. Opened the refrigerator and emptied it of all yogurt-- I have since bought a lock for the refrigerator
3. While (supposedly) eating lunch, he emptied his yogurt (I assume based on the trail) first into a mixing bowl and splashed it all over the table, then dumped said yogurt into his "smoothie", took his smoothie to the carpet, and then mixed the yogurt before dumping it out on the carpet.
4. Threw every soup can in the pantry onto the pantry floor
Oh, and I almost forgot
5. He got into a big box of raisins and ate WAY too many. Don't ask about his diapers the next day. Yuck! and double yuck!

So I (thought I) wised up and started nursing Micah on the couch in the living room instead of in the rocking chair in my room. Here's what's happened since.

5. Luke reached his top toy shelf and got into his paints-- Painting basket is now over the kitchen sink. I found out by this experience that 1) Luke can reach the top shelf and 2) Luke knows how to unscrew lids. Luckily he got out a piece of paper as well and only dumped half a bottle of yellow paint on the paper. Gotta give credit where credit's due. At least it was easy to clean up.
6. When finished one side and realized all was too quiet, I went searching and I found Luke sitting in my bathroom sink rubbing an open deodorant stick all over his face.
7. Luke emptied his shirt drawer and put all of his shirts in Micah's dresser.

So now I make sure all doors are shut before I nurse Micah on the couch. And to keep Luke entertained and in one spot, I plug in the space heater and even though our house is already 70 degrees and electricity is NOT included in the rent, Luke gets to spend 20 minutes doing this:

I've got to come up with something else.

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Michelle said...

Nursing while watching Parker doing something he shouldn't be doing and being powerless was such a challenge. I couldn't even yell because Halle would stop nursing. Good luck. Luke's smart and knows what he's doing and I'm sure he's loving every minute of it.