Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not to Forget the Little Guy

Micah has had a lot of doctor visits and poking in the 3 short weeks since he made his debut. He was on the bili blanket for about 4 days (Friday October 1- Monday 4th) and a nurse came to the house to prick his foot and take a blood sample during that Sat-Tues. Rough! He met with his pediatrician for the first time when he was 10 days old (on Oct. 8) to make sure everything was still okay and that he was gaining weight. At that time, he was 8 lbs even. He was born at 7 lb 9 oz and the goal is to reach birth weight again by 2 weeks, so yep! He was gaining weight just fine.

On Tuesday (19th) we went back to the doctor for the traditional 2 week appointment which we did at 3 weeks since he had seen a doctor so much already before he reached 2 weeks. Here are his stats:

Height: 21 1/2 inches (already grown 2 1/2 inches in 3 weeks!-- 68%)
Weight: 8 lb 14 oz (42%)
Head Circumference: 14 in. (15%)


This was the outfit he wore when he came home. It drowned him then, and it's already too small. He was the high water king yesterday.

Micah is a very VERY easy baby. At least I think he is. He's very easy compared to Luke anyway. The one thing he does that sort of drives Jared and I crazy is that he likes to grunt himself to sleep. It was keeping Jared and I awake at night. We tried putting him in Luke's room, but Luke would wake up and cry when Micah fussed to eat. So I sent out an email to the ward relief society to see if anyone had a bassinet we could borrow. Luckily my friend Anna was nice enough to let us use hers, so Micah sleeps in the living room at night (starting last night). It was the best night of sleep that Jared and I have had so far. So glad for the relief society email system! He still naps in the pack n' play in our room, so Micah now has 3 beds in 3 different rooms. (How do I word that so it doesn't sound like he actually has 9 beds?) Spoiled much?


Sarah said...

In that first picture, he totally reminds me of Luke for sure. That's great he's gaining well! i'm also a little scared that my baby already weighs as much as him and he's not even born yet...(did we tell you that?!)

Jade said...
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Jade said...

Did you give a birth you Luke's brother? Congratulations!