Monday, January 11, 2010

There's a New Chef in Town!

My friend Kathleen once asked me to rank Luke's obsessions. I can say without any hesitation that since Christmas his absolute number one passion is COOKING! He has learned many new words to support his habit: the most repetitive of which are bowl and cook (a-cooking).


This has been left unguarded. Awesome!

A-cooking! A-cooking!

What? Me? I didn't do anything.

So obviously Luke loves to cook real food. It's almost impossible to eat dinner with him around because he climbs on our laps or behind our backs onto the chair. Basically, he'll try any tactic to get access to our silverware and food. He doesn't want to eat any of it. He just wants to cook.

But Luke really loves his toy food as well. I can say without any hesitation that it's the best toy he's ever gotten. He cooks all day long.

Yesterday Luke discovered a new fun way to cook.

He carried the food over to the oven

where he could cook and stare at his cute self all at the same time.

Just to show how strong this obsession is: Luke has started going to the baby-sitting at the gym while I work out. Yesterday when I went to pick him up, I found him wandering around the room doing what? You guessed it! A-cooking. He was stirring a plastic cabbage in a pot. Just give that boy a spoon and bowl and he'll be happy.

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Kathleen said...

oh my gosh, those pictures are priceless. he is SO cute. i hope if this baby EVER pops out she will be cute enough to date him one day.