Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Family American Idol

On New Year's Day, we spent the morning in a seriously fierce American Idol competition (possibly the best Wii game EVER). Simon's prognosis for me was that I'm not the best singer, but he thought the people would like me. Poor fool that I am. I'm one of those people who get a yellow ticket, jump up and down like a happy idiot, then get stomped on in Hollywood and leave with tears and no self respect. With half of America laughing at them. (And no one really liked them). Luckily, most of my family has way more skill than I do.

The scariest version of "If you want to be my lover"-- minus the one that I did. Though in all honesty, mine was scary because I suck. And his was scary because he actually did the Spice Girls better than the Spice Girls. Should we call him Nate Spice?

R.E.M's "Losing My Religion"-- after seeing it all spelled out for me on the screen, I still don't get the song, but Eric did a pretty good job. Consider THAT.

Eric's daughter Bridget was the back-up dancer for every song.

The most moving rendition of "I don't know much" that I've ever heard. And he didn't even have Linda. And that may be all you need to know.

It all came down to Amber and Ethan...

I can't remember if she's singing "My Happy Ending" or "Since you've been gone"-- she sang Kelly's first and made it to the finals where she pretty much put Avril to shame. But it wasn't enough to win.

Ethan was this Season's winner stealing the show with "The eye of the Tiger" which, in my opinion, is the best workout song of all time. That kid can really belt it out. In the ring or anywhere. Like... in his basement. Congrats, Ethan.


Sarah said...

I can't remember where I was for this?! Oh, maybe I was at Wal-mart with Megan.

The Razz Fam said...

I just remember the home video of all you singing "The Final Countdown" its still burned in my minds eye. Totally. Classic.

Looks like you had fun!

Kathleen said...

something is missing from this post and that something is a picture of YOU singing! or a video?? i feel like after all this talk about your singing ability we need to have some evidence of your talent.