Monday, January 25, 2010

I Sorry

Luke uses the phrase "I sorry" to express anything he doesn't like. When he wants to use a "toy"-- usually a kitchen appliance that he isn't allowed to have, he expresses his displeasure by saying "I sorry." He also uses it when he bumps his head or gets hurt any other way. It's really cute to see him rubbing his head and saying "I sorry." He says it when he's being restrained, like when we make him sit for scriptures. And he also says it when I try to get him to say please. It will go like this.

L: A bowl! A bowl!
S: Say please. Pppppp Please.
L: (Louder) A bowl! A bowl!
S: Luke, say please and Mama will give you the bowl.
L: I sorry! I sorry!
S: Luke, you're not in trouble. You just need to say please. Say please.
L: (Almost crying) I sorry! I sorry!

At which point I feel so bad that he doesn't understand what I want to do (and also his sorry face will melt my heart) that I give him the bowl. I'll even let him have a spoon. But he's banned from having cereal in the bowl. (See "If you give a Luke a bowl" post below)

He sounds so miserable when he says it! It's really adorable. I'm going to finally succeed in capturing it on camera one of these days.


Olivia Jewell said...

I always love your stories, they make me feel like I'm not alone in this world.

MOM47 said...

Ethan used to say "I know, I know". Obviously that's because I said it to him in sad situations. He would be hurt and I'd say "Oh, that hurts. I know." Pretty soon he started saying it himself. Maybe it made him feel better.