Monday, October 12, 2009

Natural Bridge, VA

Since we stayed in Natural Bridge, VA we had to go see the natural bridge, right? Unfortunately this beautiful display of Mother Nature's talent was somehow privately (or businessly) owned. So people could charge exorbitant prices for other people to see it. But it was awesome all the same. To get to the bridge, one walks down a flight of stairs and past a Toy Museum that was included in the ticket price. I went to the bathroom while Jared and Luke took a peek in the museum. Apparently they had every Star Wars figurine ever created. Outside the doors, there was a flight of stairs that led to a pretty path which opened to this:

This picture was taken in honor of my dad who would always pose one of us kids for pictures like this. We would sit (somewhat willingly) while he fiddled with his camera for five minutes by which time our smile looked pained but we were usually too small in the picture to really tell. Here's to the memories, Dad!

But seriously, isn't the bridge beautiful?

This was on the same path, but obviously not the bridge
(at least I don't think so)

Farther down the path, past the bridge was a small reconstructed Indian village as well as beautiful scenery. When passing over a small wooden bridge, we could see a stream that was seen through the crevice of a rock. Crevice is the wrong word. It was a whole that someone had dynamited out of the rock so they could find the river (I guess it was bigger then) and locate it's source as well as where it empties. Neither was ever found. Jared and I speculate that it's because the river flows directly downward as it is most likely feeding the River Styx.

I wanted to go back the next day because we could have gone to their cheap version of a wax museum (also included in the price of the ticket), but it was raining and Luke was having a hard time. So we headed home.

Before it had started raining, though, we went to a little park in Lexington, VA. Luke was happy to run around. He had been cooped up in our cabin for quite a while in the morning because he is somewhat dangerous to himself when there isn't plenty of running space. He'll run into the road, try to rip license plates off of cars (usually our car thank goodness) and chase big and somewhat viscous looking dogs. Of course, the cabin wasn't that much better as the first night Luke fell off the bed, walked into the desk, walked into a wall, slammed his head against the bed post, and fell off the picnic table outside. "Camping" with Luke is definitely adventurous.

Luke has a few obsessions right now. One of them is trying to distinguish between cars, busses, and trucks. He was positive that this one was a truck. He kept shouting it over and over getting louder and louder. People probably thought he had Tourette Syndrome. In any case, he didn't want to leave it.

Mooning over the truck

Trying to get the Truck

And then it was time to distract him again. Distracting Luke is a favorite game of ours as the only time he's still is when he's asleep or feeling very sick.

Looking at the river

DaDa stopping Luke from jumping in the river

Time for ANOTHER distraction

Ah! Perfect! Rotten fruit

Such a fun trip!

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