Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Conference Break

Luke doesn't do well cooped up for a whole day, so in between conference sessions on Sunday we took a short trip to Newquarter park. Jared likes it because they have biking trails (although he left his bike behind when we went on Sunday), and I like it because it's clean, beautiful, and not crowded (usually). This time when we went we saw a sign for a floating dock that we hadn't noticed the last time, so we hiked down to see it.

Standing on the dock

Looking at the water
Luke has always been independent, but it's getting extreme. He hates holding hands and pulls away when we try to make him. He'll hold on just to get over a sticky spot (in this case the rocks) and then wants his own space to move.

Escaped from DaDa and off exploring

This is Jared being a Gargoyle.

When we got tired of chasing Luke away from the water, we took him up to the playground where he could pretty much run around without endangering himself. He's become a huge fan of slides.

One of the best things about New Quarter is the big volleyball net. Someone (the office?) puts out sand toys for kids to use. I brought some of our own too.

Jared taught Luke how to use the shovel.

And then he was off on his own.

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Bill and Janice said...

What a gorgeous day you had for conference. It was much colder here. In fact we have had snow a couple of times in the past week. No wearing shorts here! So fun to see all of you even if it is just photos. Love and miss you!