Monday, October 19, 2009


In the past I have written about "obsessions." In those posts, I used the term lightly. If I were to say that Luke has an obsession with A/C units, however, I don't think it would be an over exaggeration. I can no longer take him to our complex playground. He spends practically the ENTIRE time escaping to run over to the units.

Exhibit A: the first time he escaped

Exhibit B: the second time he escaped

Exhibit C: the time I got fed up and took him home

Yes, I knew that this would happen. I purposely brought the camera so I could blog about it.

But seriously it's getting a bit dangerous. 2 weeks ago, Luke disappeared twice while at play groups. Both times I was frantically running around the house and looking in the front yard. But where was Luke? Trying to see the fan on the A/C unit. So I made a mental note to always look there first. And then I made another mental note to watch him every single mili-second so that he'll never disappear from my sight.

He likes the units because he likes to see the fans spin when they come on. He has made a connection between the sound and the spinning. Behind our building is a walkway between 3 units, each unit having 10 apartments. That makes 30 A/C units within running distance. Luke is in A/C heaven. And he can actually pinpoint the exact unit that just came on. He'll run straight to it.

On the upside, his obsession caused him to master the word "Up." I wouldn't pick him up to see the fans unless he said it. So now he uses "Up" quite frequently. In fact, he thinks it's a magic word that gives him anything he wants.

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