Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What a Way to Celebrate!!!

This year I had a great birthday! First of all, even though I don't have pictures from my b-day with her specifically, MEGAN WAS IN TOWN!!! What more could I ask for really? Well, actually I could ask for a lot more, and I did. First of all, I asked for breakfast kolaches. Of all the heavenly foods in this world, kolaches have got to be in the top 10. That is a national franchise waiting to happen. Why is it, I ask myself, that no one outside of Texas has heard of a kolache? I pity the other 49 states and Alaska in particular. (Just kidding, Amber)

I got up super early so that I could buy them and be back before the guys went for work. I felt great all day because the guy who works at Southern Maid donuts has a particular talent for making people feel good. He's just nice and friendly and somehow complimentary without actually complimenting. I love people like that! It makes me want to go back enough to personally keep him in business. But I'm starting to ramble. There were good things about my birthday besides food.

We had a pretty jammed schedule for the week that Megan was in town. That morning, we went to the "water spraying park" to let Brenna and Luke try it out. Luke had been there before and was too scared to even touch the water. He started out that way again.

He would touch the sign, but he kept a wide girth of the water.

Brenna jumped right in (in a matter of speaking). She wasn't in a big rush to get wet all over.

She started dancing in the water pretty fast though.

Luke slowly got closer and closer. In this picture, he was close enough to feel some of the spray.

He still needed moral support to go near the water.

After about 30 minutes, he became comfortable with a few of the water sprayers.
Funny story: You can see the red pole in the background of this picture. At the top it branches out to for a treeish type structure. Also, there are several of the water heads spread around (like the one Luke is sitting by). There are also 2 or 3 more tall water trees. All of these things were turned on by pushing a button on the pole in this picture. Luke wouldn't go near the water when all of the trees were spraying. He cried if the water was falling on his head, and we couldn't even pull him in. Brenna liked it better when the water was low and mellow as well, and you can control how much water is spraying and from where pretty well. Just don't push the button and only the low water comes on. But while Luke didn't like the "big" water, he has a real affinity for buttons. He would walk over push the button and then stand there paralyzed and screaming when the water started pouring down from the "tree." We'd have to calm him down and take him out until the cycle had passed and the "big" water stopped. But after a few minutes playing in his nice mellow spout, he run over and push the button and the cycle would start again. Sometimes he shows true signs of brilliance.

Luke found some bottle lids in the grass, and he and Brenna had lots of fun catching the water in the lids.

Don't you just love little kid cheezy grins? They always look semi-evil.

Once Luke found his niche at the water park, I think we could have stayed all day, but we had other things to get on to. Like a trip to Megan's favorite store of all time (Well, maybe. I guess you'd have to ask her)

It's a used book store. Used books are 1/2 the original price, but you can turn in books of your own and get credit that makes it so you can get lots of books for really cheap. I was happy to find 2 David Shannon Board books for $1.75 each, and they looked brand new!

And later that day my 2nd mother, Debbi, came over to bring me this absolutely adorable birthday cake. It's a giant cupcake. Brenna was drooling over it all day asking when we were going to sing.

And that night my big birthday celebration was a trip to the movies to see Harry Potter #6. I thought it was by far the best movie. It was funnier. I thought you got to see more of their personalities from the book in this movie. And it was just awesome because it was Harry Potter.

Thank you everyone who made my birthday so fun!

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Hayley or Greg said...

Happy birthday Stacy! When you get back we will have to go out to lunch to celebrate it! We miss you guys!