Sunday, July 5, 2009

Birthday Getaway

Jared and I haven't had an overnight getaway in a long time. I was craving it, so I made up a plan and talked Jared into it. We pooled our birthday money for a night away. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for making it possible by watching Luke.

On Friday, we went down to spend the day and night at Kemah Boardwalk-- a cute little touristy type area near Galveston. There are carnival type rides, night programs, restaurants, and the Boardwalk Inn.

This was our hotel (behind the Joe's sign).

The view from our balcony (taken with the zoom lens). We wished we could have taken Luke to the fountain.

We stayed to the hotel most of the afternoon until the temperature cooled down. It was brutal out there! It was over 100 degrees, and then being so close to the water increased the humidity to almost unbearable. We were both sweating bullets when we walked around that afternoon, so we went to the pool for awhile, took a nap, and then ventured out again after the sun had mostly set. It felt good then and was a lot more entertaining. There was a live band playing and a magic act. We rode on the ferris wheel because I think they're fun and romantic (and confession!) a little bit scary because Jared and I are both afraid of heights. It's hard with our camera to do the hold up and snap pictures, so we don't have any pics together. Jared did take one picture of me, but I had a zit and don't know how to photoshop, so I refuse to post it.
View of the ocean

The kiddie ferris wheel. Isn't that so cute?
Most of all, it was great to have Jared all to myself. We got to play together like we did when we were dating. We went to lunch, and even though it was probably the worst dining experience of our lives (Don't eat at the Cadillac Bar in Kemah!), it was fun because we could just mock everything and then go on. We PLAYED in the pool TOGETHER. Usually, we just take turns walking around with Luke. And we had lots and lots of time to talk. On Saturday, we wanted to beat the traffic, and we both missed Luke, so we headed out pretty early. But we stopped at Sourthern Maid Donuts to give Jared his first taste of a down south Kolache. A little taste of heaven? You bet it was! We need to make this week-end getaway a yearly tradition.

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