Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Birthday Party For WHO???

On Tuesday this week we went to a birthday party for Grandma Debbi and Grandpa Terry's little baby.

If the cake...

and the decorations...

didn't give it away...

Their baby is a little weiner dog named Annabelle.

The excited birthday girl

Poor Annabelle had to spend most of the party in her crate because Luke followed her around and drove her crazy. She growled at him once and Grandma Debbi got nervous and put her up. In order to get Luke away from her, we had to block off the room where the crate was. Luke was so fascinated by her that until we did this, he would go in and poke his fingers into the cage.
Actually, Luke spent a lot of the night trying to make trouble. He stole someone's fork (with a strawberry still on the prongs), snuck into the office and typed on the computer, made it almost all the way up the stairs, stole Annabelle's chew toys. Was there anything else? Jennifer offered to watch him while I ate and after about 10 minutes she asked, "Is this what your day is like?" What? Chasing Luke from one mess to another? Yep!

Time for presents!
(Notice Luke to the right trying to wiggle his way down to steal the presents)

I think Annabelle got 3 gift cards to various stores.

Happy 4th Birthday, Annabelle!

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