Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cowboy or Cowgirl?

So I guess there is a new trend in finding out the gender of a baby.  At the ultra sound the doctor or technician writes the sex of the baby and seals in in an envelope.  The envelope is then delivered to the party planner and that person plans the great reveal.  The fun part is that the couple gets to find out while surrounded by friends and family.

Cara and Michael decided to go with the trend.  Emily and I (mostly Emily!) were the party planners.  She did a cowboy or cowgirl theme.  There was a stack of brown hats and a stack of pink.  On entering guests chose a hat based on their gender guess:  brown for boy and pink for girl.

You can see the boys guesses.

And mine.

Michael and Cara and Libby's guesses

Emily made a vase "volcano" so when Michael and Cara poured in some vinegar, the vase bubbled up to reveal the sex of the baby.



We are excited to meet Miss Sadie in August!

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Amber Cox said...

A) That was the shirt I was talking about in the other post. Insert that comment here.
B) Micah chose a pink hat?! I'm shocked.