Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blessington Farms

We had a lot of fun a few weeks ago during the boys' spring break.  My friend Carrie invited us to go with her and her son to Blessington Farms one day to pick strawberries.  The boys were very excited because Daniel Tiger goes strawberry picking in their favorite episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, which is Micah's favorite show.  He kept singing songs from the episode as he hunted for ripe berries.

The berries were planted very differently from anything I had seen before.  They were planted in bucket tiers that could be turned.  Rows and rows of these tiers.  And still it was hard to find berries that were ripe.  We got there 30 min. after opening, but we passed several people leaving with bucket fulls on our way in.  Apparently to get the best you have to be there 30 min. BEFORE it opened.  But really, the strawberries are cheaper at Costco.  Picking was the true experience and we got to do that.

Here they are with Luke's friend from school,
hereby known as L

These boys are such hams together.
Too cute!

This farm had a whole entertainment section separate from the berry picking.  If you've ever been to a commercialized pumpkin patch with hayride and mazes and petting zoos, etc. you know what I'm talking about.  The cool thing about this place was that there wasn't any marketing other than the pass to get in, and there were so many neat things to do.  Luke loved the pedal cars.  They are like go karts that you pedal with your feet instead of being motorized.  He wanted to go back to the cars over and over.

Poor Micah!  None of the pedals were close enough for him to reach.  There were bigger pedal cars with child seats in back, but Micah refused to ride in one of those.  He is Mr. Independent.

Micah loved the giant slides!

So did Luke!

There was a GIANT sand mountain there with buckets, shovels, toy dump trucks, etc. to play in the sand.  Micah and L loved the sand and spent a long time digging.  I was glad Carrie could keep an eye on Micah while I watched Luke at the cars.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Micah in the sand!

The picture below is Micah and L on the barrel train.  Luke refused to go on it, but Micah loved it.  The tractor pulling it when fast and wove a lot to make the barrels whip around.  Micah had a huge grin on his face, but sitting in the first car was a bad idea.  He and L got all the exhaust.

Luke got pretty brave on the slides!

We will definitely be hitting this again next spring break!

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