Thursday, April 3, 2014

Houston Children's Museum and the Rest of Spring Break

Another day during Spring Break we met a friend at the Houston Children's Museum.  In Jan we went to the zoo downtown and, while standing at the sea lion tank, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned around and there was my friend Sherry from Williamsburg, VA!  Her twins were in Luke's preschool class and we used to do play dates often.  She lives in Sugarland now, a suburb south west of Houston. Anyway, we met up with her and her family at the Children's museum.  Unfortunately it seemed like everyone with kids in Houston had the same idea.  It was pretty crazy in there, so while I brought my camera, I didn't actually take too many pictures.

This was the boys' favorite thing.  It works like the drive through at a bank (sort of.)  The balls come down on the right-- blue-- side and then the boys would put them into a hole on the left-- red-- side and the balls would shoot up the pipe, wind around, and then fall back down to the blue.  They did it over and over and over.

The museum was very big, so we didn't see everything, but we went to the mini grocery store that had working scanners.  Luke loved being a checker.  We went to a room with emergency vehicles.  Micah loved the police car.  Then there was a building room with legos, paper, and more.  It's really pretty hard to describe the room, and I obviously didn't take pictures of it.  There was a big ramp race track.  The legos were for making cars to race on the track.  There were also some wooden block cars with a stick standing up on the back.  The paper was to make sails for the car.  There was a flat track running parallel to a row of fans.  The point was to make a wind powered car, but Luke was only interested in the fans.  He turned them on over and over and would then start shrieking in excitement.  Micah spent a lot of time fighting with Luke for a turn with the fans.  I spent a lot of time yelling at Luke to LET Micah have a turn with the fans.  The boys liked that room a lot, but it was not my favorite.  Let's see.  There was a room with lots of climbing equipment.  I can't remember much more about the inside.

But there was a big outside section too-- divided into 3 parts: a water section, a playground area with  sand, and a big grassy area where children could climb into these giant blow up balls.  Sherry's kids wanted to do it, and I was surprised when Luke wanted to go too.  The line was pretty long, but it moved quickly because each child got about 30 seconds inside the ball.  Anyway, while Micah played in the sand, Luke stood in line for his turn.  I was glad I could get some shots with my camera from the sand box.

We ended our spring break with a short trip to the Houston/ Conroe KOA campground with Jared.  It was not real camping at all.  We stayed in a "cabin" that was really more like a cheap hotel suite.  There was a small living/ kitchen area and then a bedroom and bath off of the living room.  I like that kind of camping every once in a while.  We got to the cabin late because Jared got delayed at work.  But we went to the camp playground because it was lit and we could go even though it was dark.  They had a big BLOB-- which is like a big rounded bounce house with no sides.  Micah liked walking around with Jared looking for camping fires.  I remembered to bring my camera to the cabin, but I never remembered to bring it with us when we left the cabin to do the fun stuff.  So no pics.

The next morning we went swimming and then headed back to pack up.  Jared got to have a quick run in the woods, and he loved that.  He definitely misses open spaces.

It was a very short trip, but we had so much fun that we vowed to be regular campers.  In a tent, so we could afford to go often.

We actually went tent camping the very next weekend, and I will post about that soon.

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Amber Cox said...

1) Luke was so brave to try that ball thing! Good for him!
2) Did Micah ever have any texture issues with sand? I know Luke did. Is playing in sand a big accomplishment for Micah? If so, good job!
3) I remember when Debbi got Luke that dog shirt. He wore it the summer I spent in VA when you were pregnant with Micah. And now Micah can wear it. How has time gone that fast?! (I don't even remember which post Micah was wearing that shirt in, so it may not apply to this post. oops.)