Sunday, March 23, 2014

More Kinder Eggs!!!

My brother, Nathan, travels to Germany on business sometimes.  On his last trip, he found a few kinder eggs for the boys.  They came on the very day that Luke got his first "red" at school-- meaning he'd had bad behavior at school.  Luke could not have any special privileges that day, so he could not open his eggs.  Probably the best (for me) and worst (for him) punishment EVER.  But I promised him that if he could get green-- good behavior-- at school the next day he could open his eggs after school.  Poor Micah!  Because Luke lost eggs, Micah also lost eggs.  So Micah was also very anxious for Luke to be good at school.  Micah started looking for Luke's bus by noon the next day.  He couldn't wait for Luke to get home with good news.  Finally Luke made it-- and he was green.  The boys rushed inside to open their eggs.  SO EXCITING!!!

Thank you so much, Uncle Nathan!

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Nathan said...

Glad they were enjoyed. Sorry it took so long to get them to you.