Friday, March 21, 2014

Katy Rodeo

The last weekend in February, Emily told us about and invited us to join her family and a friend's family for the Katy ISD livestock show and rodeo.  It was the perfect sized rodeo for a family with little kids.  Micah was thrilled to see lots of pink pigs.  He and Jared spent a lot of time in the livestock show.  

Libby liked the pigs too!

There was a show arena near all the animals.  It was a big semi-circle of bleachers around an open area of dirt.  But ABOVE the open area was a GIANT CEILING FAN.  Luke thought the bleachers were set up so people could sit down and watch the fan.  He commented on how nice that was.  

We sat by the fan and had a snack.

Then we went to the outside rodeo arena to sit with Michael's and Emily's families and watch the events.  The actual events are done by a traveling rodeo company called iRock-- so no students were out there risking life and limb.  Micah loved watching the bronc riding.  I grew up watching the rodeo, but I never before realized how violent it is.  Those cowboy's heads looked like they were going to fly off!  Those people are super brave or super crazy.  Or both.  I don't know.

At one point there was a stick race that little kids could enter.  They had to have a stick horse to run, and then they just ran a few yards across the arena.  It was cute.  K ran in the race.  Hard to see, but he is the one in the red jacket.

And ribbon in hand!

Lots of fun!  The boys didn't last for the whole show.  We didn't really expect that they would.  And that made the Katy Rodeo all the better because it was close to home and only $30 for our family.  So for the next few years we will stick to the Katy Rodeo.  When they get older we will brave the huge Houston Rodeo-- maybe.

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Kevin Kelley said...

That looks so fun. I'm glad the family decided to have a trip down at a rodeo. It's a nice show for the kids to experience. The experience will help them gain more knowledge about cattle and countryside living. Anyway, I hope you guys get more time to enjoy trips like that. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you and your family! :)

Kevin Kelley @ Ravensworth Cattle Property