Friday, March 21, 2014


Also around the end of February, Jared made his first decorating request for our house.  He wanted some plants.  I have NEVER managed to keep a plant alive, but I decided I'd try it.  So the boys and I bought some plants and some dirt and got to work one Sat. morning.  They had lots of fun transporting the plants.  We got 2 for the kitchen, 2 for the living room, and 2 for Jared's office.  2 of them were big, and the rest were much smaller.

One day Griffin tried to bury a bone 3 DIFFERENT TIMES!!!

After cleaning this up the 3rd time in one day, I moved the plant (and thought about getting rid of the dog!)  It is now in Jared's office, and we haven't had any more problems-- at least with plants.

And here it is mid March and none of them have died yet.  Progress!

P.S. How is it only mid-March?!  Maybe it is just because I am ready for summer, but time has SLOWED DOWN.

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