Saturday, November 30, 2013

Why Micah Needs a New Favorite Book

Micah's current favorite story is "Harry the Dirty Dog" by Gene Zion.  It is the story about a dog who hates his bath so much that he buries his scrubbing brush and runs away from home in order to escape a bath.  He then plays around the city and gets very, very dirty.  When he returns home his family doesn't recognize him.  In the end he begs for a bath, and when the little boy and girl give him one they discover Harry.  This makes Harry so happy!  I like this book a lot, and didn't even mind reading it 10 times a day.  Until Monday.

Luke was home from school with a fever.  I had gotten them both lunch and since they weren't feeling great I took pity on them and let them eat over by the computer so they could watch "eggs" while they were eating.  I then made my lunch and sat at the table, reading, while we all ate.  I was pretty absorbed in my book, I guess, because in the background I barely registered Micah yelling "Harry the dirty dog!  Harry the dirty dog!" over and over.  I didn't fully break out of my book-induced haze until Griffin came racing around the table shaking from head to toe and covered in...Yogurt!

These pictures are post-seven or so shakes, so they don't quite do it justice.

And that is why Griffin had an emergency bath and why we haven't read "Harry the Dirty Dog" since Monday.  Micah is grounded from that book for a week.

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Keegan said...

Ha ha! Poor Griffin! That Micah boy is so funny! I want to meet him again. He's got so much character. Also, I'm curious about the book -- maybe a good one? Should I read it?