Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Parties

We went to a few Halloween parties this year.  I was glad that the boys had a few chances to wear their costumes.  First was the neighborhood party.  They had some games and things, but since we live in a large neighborhood it was pretty crowded.  The boys don't like crowds, so we skipped all the games and the bounce houses.  Actually, Luke went into a bounce house for a few minutes but then decided it was too busy inside.  Micah wouldn't go in at all.  We spent a long time looking at the water mill.

and fountain

And then we watched Charlie Brown on the large blow-up outdoor screen.  Luke recognized another kindergardener from Huggins and sat beside her.  I get excited whenever I see him do things like that.  He tapped her on the arm and said hi.

Then the boys got thirsty and the water was in the car, so we left early.

The next party was Micah's preschool party.

He has a bag of candy.  Doesn't he look ECSTATIC about it?

sneaking a sucker.

And  special Halloween snack time.

Last, we went to the ward Halloween party the day before Halloween.  The only picture I took was of Emily, Beckett, and Brevin.  

My boys were running around somewhere.  We came a little late.  It was a chili dinner and trunk-or-treat, but I knew my boys wouldn't eat the chili.  We ate at home and then came in time for the games.  Which my boys wouldn't play.  Whatever.  They liked the trunk or treat.  Luke was more interested in handing out candy than getting any himself.  What a goof!

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Amber Cox said...

When Micah smiles while wearing a hat, he looks SO much like Porkey from Little Rascals. That's a good thing. Very fun pictures of the boys!