Monday, November 11, 2013

Dewberry Farms

I love fall!  I love the changing colors and crisp winds and those few days of perfect weather.  We actually don't get a great fall in Texas.  That was more a Utah/ Virginia thing.  But I still love fall.  And one of my very favorite things about fall is visiting the pumpkin patch.  We never made it to a patch before Halloween.  That was disappointing.  But I found one that was open until the middle of November!  So the first weekend after Halloween we went to Dewberry Farms.  It turned out to be a mix between a pumpkin patch and a carnival.  There were some rides and most of it cost extra.  And then at the little shows and events there were a lot of gimmicky sales pitches.  ("Thanks for coming to see the pig races!  Buy a pig nose for $1!")  That part was annoying, but overall it was LOTS of fun.

The Hayride:

Luke hates hay rides.  He actually refused to go on the hayride at first.  Micah LOVES them, so we split up.  I took Luke over to a playground, and Jared took Micah to stand in line for the hayride.  But en route to the playground, Luke spotted an air conditioner.  He just HAD to tell Micah, so he actually got onto the hayride just to tell Micah that he found an air conditioner.  

After the hayride we went to the slides together.  Both of the boys had a ball on this rolley (is that a word?) slide.  They did it over and over and over.

We showcased our strength.

or lack of...

Made it to 9!

watching Luke avoid the mud was pretty funny.

stopping for a joy ride...

spider's web

Cow train--
We rode in barrels painted black and white.

We also saw the animals in the barn.  There was a new litter of pigs nursing.  Micah loved the pink pigs , of course.  Luke was very concerned about the flies in there.  He thought they should have a fan to blow them away.  Good idea, Luke.

I'm pretty sure we'll go back again next year.


texasmima said...

Looks like such a fun day!

Amber Cox said...

Can I just say how much I love Luke's scrunchy smile in that last picture? It's the best.

Keegan said...

Caleb would be freaked out by that slide. It looks very high! Funny how different kids get bothered by different things. I love your boys' happy smiles on it, though-- those are great pictures!