Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wilkerson Reunion

The biggest reason for the timing of our trip to Utah was to join in the festivities of a Wilkerson family reunion.  Jared comes from a big family-- 8 kids + spouses + children.  We met up in Moroni, Utah from July 3rd to the 6th to celebrate the Fourth and to reconnect as a family.  Jared's parents bought a home in Moroni shortly before leaving on their mission to Germany.  It backs up to Jared's sister's home.  Rachel and Paul and Mom and Dad opened their doors and let us crash where we could fit.

I didn't get pictures of everything, but here are some of the highlights:

Our boys LOVED watering Grandma and Grandpa's grass.

Lots of 4-wheeler rides
(mostly by other people-- Luke and Micah weren't too interested.)

Love this pic of Jessie and Joanna!

Lots of chatting!!!

Also love this picture of Edward and Ayden.

Bike riding...

Getting measured?

More watering.

What is this face?


Jamming out with cousins.

Uncle Rod showing the boys what REAL men do.

Seeing family that we haven't seen in...

1 year


On the morning of the Fourth we went to watch the parade.  Ashlyn performed with her dance team.

Luke liked watching the band.

During the parade our boys were sadly beaten out of a lot of candy.  Then one person walked by and dumped a big box of salt water taffy right at Luke's feet.  Theirs for the taking!  Micah took a LOT.  I'm not sure how much, but it was enough to put him into a 4 hour sugar induced coma later that afternoon.

Late that afternoon several members of Dad's family came to join in the celebrations and have dinner with us.  We were able to see Grandma Mary, Aunt Sally and Uncle Steve, Susan and Aaron (We rented their basement apt. right after we were married,) and a few other of Sally and Steve's children.  Fun to touch base with the crew again.

Late night volleyball.

A few fireworks.

The big show!

The fireworks really were amazing.  They were set off from the field directly across from Mom and Dad's house.  We had a clear view of a spectacular show.

I didn't get any pictures of Friday, but it was a special day.  One of our nephews was baptized and we got to attend.  We also had a family game night with all kinds of contests.

We had to get a picture with Grandma and Grandpa before we left on Saturday morning.  I'm not an expert on photo editing, so you get the real deal.  Dad had a bicycling accident a few days before the union, so he had some battle wounds.  Other than being tired and stiff he says that he is doing fine.

We can't wait for the next one!

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