Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Final Weeks in Amarillo

With time running out in Amarillo we tried to do a few things we hadn't done before.  Inside the mall there is a putt putt course in the dark that is decorated with neon paint and has black lights to make things glow.  Luke had asked to go there many times, so before we moved we took the boys.  In all honesty, it was probably the worst putt putt course I've ever seen, but at the same time it was probably the most perfect course for kids I'd ever seen.  Each hole was easy, and we could finish our 18 holes within their attention span, so it made for a pretty fun day.

The last 2 weeks were pretty busy with packing.  While I was occupied, the boys got into quite a bit of trouble.  One morning Micah dumped a whole bottle of baby powder on his head.

When he saw me, I think he must have been afraid of what my reaction would be.  He ran away from me which made the powder fly off his head and cloud the entire room and the entire floor in powder.  It made quite the mess.

It also made the powder drift down to cover his entire body.

I put Micah in the bath and cleaned off the powder, then I left him in the bath with Luke as look out while I went to vacuum the living room.  I should have known better.  Luke gave Micah a tube of Desitin and Micah rubbed globs of it all over his hair and chest.  I could NOT get it out of his hair.  I washed his hair with Dawn dishsoap and baby oil which finally got it out, but then he had greasy baby oil hair.  It took about 4 days before he looked normal again.

Once the packing was completed and our stuff was picked up on Aug. 9 we had a week of camping in our home.  Since there wasn't much to do at home we spent a lot of time out and about.  Emery and Nozomi kept us company in our adventures.  One morning Emery took us to the airplane museum by the airport.  The boys had so much fun!  I wish we'd known about it sooner.  The boys got to explore an old Nasa jet and an old parachute plane from the Vietnam war.

Nasa Jet:

We also got to watch an Osprey test flight.

Old Ugly
(the plane from Vietnam war):

That last week we also went to dinner with the Moody's at Red Robin, took a last trip to the bounce house, visited "inside playground" with Luke H and Nozomi, and waited for Papa to come.

After a year in Amarillo the boys and I left with my dad on Aug. 15th.  Jared joined us in Katy on Aug. 24th.  

The year in Amarillo was a great experience for our family!  We especially loved and appreciated our time with Jared during his brief 8-5 schedule.  We also made a few very good friends and we wish them all the best.

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Keegan said...

Your kids always provide such funny stories! :) Oh, baby powder, desitin, and baby oil --> WHAT A MESS! Wish we lived closer to lend a hand. Sounds like it's been a good year and you're on to great new adventures!