Friday, July 12, 2013

Jump and Jive

On the last week while Amber was here with us, we packed in the fun and took the boys to several places that I won't take them by myself (at least until they stop running in opposite directions!)  One of the fun places we went was to Jump and Jive-- a.k.a. "the bounce house."

The boys had so much fun jumping, climbing, and playing.  I think we were there for almost 4 hours!  And they only stopped to peak at the fans once or twice!

I had to blow this one up!

I couldn't believe that Micah made it up this rock wall!
But he did it over and over and over again!  So strong!

This one was very steep, and it must have been pretty old because the foot steps were so bent and weak that they were useless.  You had to pull yourself up by arm strength alone.  I wasn't strong enough to lug either of the boys up, but Luke managed to get himself up several times.  I was impressed!

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