Friday, July 12, 2013

Boating on Utah Lake (Oh! and a surprise)

Last week we were so happy to visit family in Utah.  Jared only has 1 week vacation, so we piled all our days into this one trip.  We rented a car, since ours aren't in the best of shape and we needed something that would make it there without problems, and drove up on the last weekend in June.  On Monday and most of Tuesday we stayed with my parents in Salem (between Spanish Fork and Payson.)

On Monday afternoon my brother-in-law James and my sister Megan took us out boating on Utah Lake.  We had so much fun!  

Micah didn't like his life vest, but he forgot all about it once the boat was moving.  He liked looking at the "crazy water" with Mima.

I was nervous about how Luke would do, but he laughed and yelled and had a ball.

James let Micah drive the boat!

Before putting the tube in the water, we had a swim break.  James drove out to the calmest water he could find and then we jumped overboard and swam around.  Luke figured out very quickly that his life vest kept his face out of the water.  Once he was confident in that he paddled all around and was very clear that he didn't want any help.  When it was time to get back on the boat, he was disappointed and kept asking when we were going to have a swim break again.

But it was time to try out the new giant tube!
Left: me; back: Jared; front: Ethan and Blake; right: Dad

Micah had a turn too.

Luke did go on a short ride, but he didn't want to stay out long.  He preferred watching the waves and swimming to getting water splashed on his face in the tube.

On Tuesday we went to a splash pad in Springville and then hung out at Megan's for a bit.  I had to nab a picture with my sister while I had the chance!  

My parents were so nice to meet up with us in Nephi at the end of the week so that we could see them one more time and say a proper good-bye before heading back to Amarillo.  I wish we could see my sister and parents more often!

Although, to be honest, we won't have to wait too long to see my parents.  We will see them again next month when they come down to help us with our move to-- 



We had an unexpected change of plans when Jared got an opportunity to interview with a firm in Houston.  He received a great offer, and we decided to take it since this is, for me, an opportunity to move back to where I grew up.  We are super excited to move into the same neighborhood where my brother AND my cousin live and to be near family again (Jenn, Victor, Debbi, and Terry: that includes you!)


Kari Meyer said...

Looks like an awesome trip! Congratulations on Houston! We'll miss having you here! =) But don't blame you a bit. We would've made the same choice in your shoes. Glad you got a vacation before the job begins!

Amber Cox said...

I was looking through the blog again and just noticed Micah's face in the second one with Mom and Dad. Priceless!