Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tumbling Class

We started a family tumbling class on Saturday mornings.  It's officially called "Mommy and Me," but there are quite a few dads that come so Jared doesn't feel out of place.  Jared and I switch off between helping Luke and helping Micah.  It is a very unstructured class, and if I was hoping to raise the next Hamm twins I'd be disappointed.  But since we have two free spirited boys with short attention spans, unstructured works great.  If they lose interest with an activity they can wander over to the balance beams and no one cares.  So it is a lot of fun and is working out great.

Working on a front roll

Balance beam
(Luke loves the low ones but is a chicken on the higher ones)

Waiting for his turn with the teacher.

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