Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Second Big Storm

After our first big storm we had learned something about wind.  So we have since anchored our trampoline by tying it to the house and fence and staking it to the ground with tent stakes.  

After our second big storm we learned about west Texas hail.  Scary!  Once again strong winds.  This time the trampoline stayed on the ground, but the wind blew part of the enclosure right over.  We're not sure how to prevent that.  But the craziest part was the mini-marshmallow-sized ice pellets beating against the roof, doors, and windows.  It was LOUD.  And Luke was SCARED.  He froze up, put his hands to his face, and screamed bloody murder.  I haven't seen him that afraid since the alarm went off in Georgia.  I was honestly scared too.  Water was spraying into the house from above the front door, and it really sounded like our windows were going to crack.  I couldn't act scared, though.  Instead I took the boys into my closet with the ipad and Luke's ear plugs, and we watched Netflix until things calmed down. 

Afterwards we assessed the damage:

It doesn't really show in these pictures, but the trampoline was sagging down about 6 inches from the weight of the ice.

It was pretty warm outside before and after the storm.  I don't know much about weather, and I don't know why there was ice falling.  Anyway, it all melted within a few hours but there was quite a lot of ice for a storm in September.

I hope our trampoline survives the year!

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Keegan said...

Well, our Virginia hurricane looks like it's been pretty well beat by these storms. Crazy! Stay safe! Way to keep your boys calm in a moment of panic. And, gosh, I wish you luck with your trampoline!