Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Family Time

On Saturday we had a great family day.  Saturday morning we went downtown to watch the kick-off parade for the Tri-State fair and rodeo.  We brought along our trusty friend ipad to keep Micah happy.

There was a radio station there playing music while we waited for the parade to start.  Luke did some dancing (in my sweater.)

And then the parade started!

First came the policemen on motorcycles.

Then a whole bunch of girl scout troops.

Some buses, trolleys, and old fashioned cars

A farmer or riding club?

There were a few floats and campaign cars, marching bands, etc.  Then the Veterans marched by and shot off some air rifles.  The noise really scared Luke.  He covered his ears and froze up a bit, hunching down.  Even after the Veterans had marched past, Luke wouldn't put his guard down after that.  He asked to leave because he said that it was too noisy.  I was so proud of how he handled it.  He didn't scream or anything.  He just stayed calm and said that it was time to go.  So we did.

And we spent the rest of the day just hanging out, mostly in the backyard.

This is Micah pretending that the jogging stroller is a lawn mower.

And this is Luke trying to convince Micah that the ball popper is a better lawn mower so that he could use the stroller.  It didn't work.

Jared showed off his tricks.

Luke caught a bug.

More jumping...

Rough housing with D

I'm so glad that we are a happy family!

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