Sunday, September 30, 2012

Letter to Micah

Dear Micah,

You are my golden boy!  We couldn't imagine our lives without our silly, curious, mischievous, energetic, loving, and wonderful little Tyke!  Micah, your giggle is contagious.  You are so full of pure joy that you transmit it with your smile.  When you smile at me I can't help but smile back, even when I know I shouldn't.  No one but you, Micah, could get me to smile while I'm looking at a puddle of juice on the floor.  

Micah, you have completely expanded my picture of motherhood and my understanding of love.  I have countless images of you locked into my mind and heart.  Some shots are frazzled and blurred.  Most are not edited.  But all of them are so real.  So beautiful.  And so precious.  I have a mental scrapbook of feelings as well as images.  When I think of you, Micah, I think of your little tushy wiggling into my lap for a story.  I picture your grin that means, "I have something I'm not supposed to have!  What are you going to do about it?"  I feel the weight of your head on my shoulder as I try to comfort you from your endless string of fevers.  I feel the fuzzy smoothness of your blue BeeBee smooshed between you and I.  I feel your little finger jamming itself into my eye.  I hear myself saying, "Yes, Micah, that's Mama's eye.  That's right."  I see you chasing Luke, dancing around the room.  I feel the joy that comes from seeing a priceless connection between brothers.  I feel the certainty that we, all of us, needed you.

Micah, I want you to know that you have gifts.  Precious gifts.  You have a gift of happiness.  You find delight in little things.  Keep that quality, Micah.  Be grateful for the little things.  Find wonder in the world around you.  Micah, you are loyal.  You follow your brother and love him.  Even when it's hard, you share.  You are one who forgives.  I am often the humble recipient of your forgiveness.  Thank you for forgiving me and loving me even when I fall short.  You are a teacher.  I don't even think you realize how you help and teach your older brother, your Dada, and me.  You are independent.  You figure things out, and you are excited to be a big boy.  I'm proud that you want to take on this world, but don't grow up too fast!

I love you, my little Tyke! 

I have loved our journey with you....

The day you came home from the hospital
 Blessing Day
 Making Mama laugh
 Every day!
 Learning to crawl
 Humoring your mother
 Turning 1!
 Loving Nature!
 Learning to walk
 Falling in love with BeeBee
 Haircuts took away my baby
 And gave me a big boy
 Getting to know John Deere
 Learning to feed yourself
 and to drive!
 The smile that means joy!
 The smile that means trouble!
 Big trouble!
 Love between brothers
Birthday presents--
lawn mower and tractor
 Sharing with Luke
 Chuck E. Cheese Celebration
 That smile!
 Putting the money in ALL BY YOURSELF!

We look forward to an eternal journey!




Keegan said...

This letter was beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Miss both those boys. Can your little guy really be two? Weren't we just pregnant together yesterday?!

Kari said...

Aw, what a cutie. And what a precious letter!