Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Day of Preschool (for the 3rd time!)

After almost a month of mostly staying at home, I was ready to explore this past week.  I looked up the zoo online to see how much admission was and found out that the zoo is free every Monday.  The preschool is split between an AM and a PM class, and Luke is in the PM class.  So I thought "What the heck!  Let's make his first day extra special and start it off with a trip to the zoo!"  It was a great idea.

Both the boys loved the monkeys!

The monkeys are central right at the entrance to the zoo, so we looked at them first.  Then we turned to left and went to the reptile house.  One of the zookeepers was feeding some of the animals, and she had parked this tractor outside the window.  While Luke walked around checking out the snakes, Micah spent the whole time starting at the tractor and yelling, "Green!  Green!  Green tractor!"

This was a super freaky legless lizard that looked like Voldemort.  It was Luke's favorite because it was very active moving and darting around.  Luke never would believe me that it wasn't a snake.  Whatever.

The Amarillo zoo is very small as zoos go, and a lot of the animals aren't totally exotic.  But the boys liked all the animals anyway.  Here they are watching the bison graze.

I think this was my favorite exhibit.  We could get really close to the lions.  I'm not even zooming much.  Not sure why it is so blurry.  Right after I took this picture the male lion came by, lifted his leg, and let out a spray.  We were so close that he got within a few inches of the stroller.  Glad I hadn't parked it any closer.

Right before we had to leave I saw a relatively big group of women (probably 6 or so) all of whom looked pretty young and had 1 or 2 kids with them (or 1 and a pregnant belly).  I was pretty suspicious of their religious denomination, so I went up to one girl and asked if she was Mormon.  When she said yes, I practically did a little dance.  I got her number, so hopefully I will make some new friends soon.  I couldn't stay and tour the zoo with the group because I had to get Luke home, but hopefully I can crash a play date soon.

The boys and I didn't get to stay too long at the zoo because we had to be home about 11 to eat and to change before school starts at noon.  Luke has to wear a uniform each day-- a red, black, or white polo shirt and khaki pants or shorts.  He chose a red shirt for his first day.  He doesn't look it in these pictures, but he was VERY excited to go to school.

I was a little worried about he'd do in his new classroom because there are TWO ceiling fans as well as an ipod.  There had been a stereo too, but I warned the teacher ahead of time, and that was hidden before he came in.  It's a different environment-- a little bit smaller room with a little bit larger class than he had in Williamsburg, but I think he will do well here.  He says he likes it so far.  I hope I can work something out with baby-sitting so that I'll be able to start volunteering soon.  I won't feel completely relaxed about Luke until I see how he acts in person.  

I hope this is a good year for him!


texasmima said...

looks like fun!!

Keegan said...

I bet he'll do great! I hope you love his teachers there as much as you did here. Also, so glad you got somebody's contact information at the zoo.