Monday, June 4, 2012

Pennsylvania Trip

In mid-may we took a weekend trip to Pennsylvania to see my brother, Sarah and their boys.  As an added bonus we got to spend one more weekend with my parents as well because they were visiting Nathan's family too.  Luke lived that up for all it was worth, getting Papa to cuddle with him until he fell asleep every night.  

Luke remembered Nathan's house from our Christmas visit.  He talked about pushing the button and turning on the ceiling fan and he also remembered Skyler's "ipod."  Luke was allowed to turn on the fan when he ate a new food, like pieces of apple.  He got to do the ipod when it didn't drive people crazy.  But overall he was very interested in Skyler and all the other people.  And we had a great visit.  

Our family got in on Friday, late afternoon.  We hung around the house because my family didn't want to go anywhere near a car.  We ate dinner, played some games.  I think we went to bed kind of early.  

On Saturday we went to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell and the historic sights.  There weren't any tickets left for Constitution Hall, and the line to the Liberty Bell looked longer than it was.  The boys left to find a restaurant for lunch and by the time they had found one, the girls had seen the liberty bell.  So the boys missed that-- except for Luke.  He got to see the bell, but was VERY disappointed that he couldn't ring it.  

We went to lunch, and everyone had Philly Steak and Cheese except for me because I didn't feel like it.  I ordered pizza of all things, that turned out to be completely lame compared to the delicious smells of sizzling steak and peppers.  You live and learn, I guess.  So if I ever end up back in Philly I know what I'm ordering.  

After lunch we went to a park to let the boys run around.  There was an Asian festival with dancers, etc.  But there were several booths relating to police work.  Luke and Micah could have sat in the armored care the ENTIRE rest of the day.  We dragged them out after about 20 minutes to play at the playground and ride on the carousel.   They both loved the carousel.  I wish I had remembered to bring my camera!  By that time Micah was beyond tired and losing it, so we left and spent the rest of the day at Nathan's.  

As you can see by the lack of diversity in Luke's clothing, I only remembered to take pictures on Sunday.  But here are some of our bonding moments from that day:

Luke and Skyler doing ipad.

Playing with Skyler's "ipod"

Micah cooking in the kitchen

Dance party on the air mattress 

Playing at the playground

Micah has become a fearless climber.

Driving the boat to get away from sharks

Eating Marshmallows

Reading books

Sharing our great garage sale find ($1) with Zack

Taking pictures with Sarah's phone

Luke took this one:

On Monday morning we went to the Herr's potato chip factory.  I think it was the highlight of our trip.  Our guide looked like a juvenile Elvis wannabe, which is pretty cool.  We got to see Luke and Micah shake (literally) with excitement as they saw the chips land on the shaking conveyor belts, and to end it we got super yummy chips in exciting flavors like Baby Back Ribs, at 50% off.

I hope we get to see Nathan's family again before we move, but we may just see them in Utah for Amber's wedding.  Unless you guys want to meet us somewhere for a camping trip?  What do you say?

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Sarah said...

Let's do it! We could meet around D.C. or something? Is that halfway? Call when you have a 10 minute break! I thought about seeing you guys on the 4th of July, but then I realized the wedding is the next week. Maybe we should do something anyways.