Friday, June 22, 2012

First Camping Trip

We had our first tent camping trip last Friday night.  We just went to Chickahominy here in Williamsburg, and we did a VERY simplified trip.  We ate dinner before we left to reduce what we brought along.  And we still managed to bring half our house.

Our instant tent really was easy to put up.  And now that we know what we're doing, we will be even quicker next time.  Here's how our evening went:

Micah played with the buckles on his car seat and Luke played with the CD player in the car while Jared and I set up the tent.

Then Luke, very ENTHUSIASTICALLY, helped Jared pump up the air mattresses.  (I fully admit that I'm a wussy when it comes to sleeping on rocks.)  

We went over to the playground for a bit and then stopped at the river to look around.  Isn't it beautiful???

Luke ran around on the dock.

And Micah ran around in the water.

He sat down in the water pretty early on, so he was stripped down to his diaper within just a few minutes.  He liked it better that way.

Before we headed back to the tent we got to watch a bass boat launch.  Luke thought it was very cool!

Luke doesn't like fire because he says it "gets him."  He means that he doesn't like the smoke in his eyes.  So we ate chocolate and marshmallows in the tent.  Not the best S'mores ever, but sugar is sugar. None of us were complaining.

Micah had a hard time falling asleep which makes sense because he isn't used to anyone being in the same room with him when he goes to sleep.  That was the hardest thing about the trip.  The best part was being together and seeing the boys so excited.  The other highlight was our neighbors.  They had a fold-out camper with Christmas lights strung to the trees, and the whole family talked like Mater.  Awesome!

Micah and Luke woke up early the next morning.  Jared had to get back to the bar grind anyway, so we packed up early and headed out.  We all took naps that afternoon.  And we are excited to go camping again soon!

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Keegan said...

Love the camping pictures! Wish we could have gotten to go together! Eli had trouble falling asleep there too and he does sleep in the same room as someone. He was just so overwhelmed by how different it is, I guess.