Thursday, June 14, 2012

D's Birthday

For Jared's Happy 29 we decided to pool all the birthday money we would collectively get and buy a tent.  We got the giant 8 person instant tent.  Big was a requirement because I don't like to truly rough it.  I want an air mattress for everyone involved and a pack-n-play for Micah.  This tent has an added plus because supposedly it can be put up or taken down in a minute.  I would guess that's a bit of a Coleman exaggeration, but it should be pretty easy.  This is absolutely necessary because our boys are not.  I figure we have 3 minutes tops to ignore our boys and get the tent up before one or both of them will be lost in the woods.

The Tent:

Jared's birthday was on a Sunday.   We had planned to go camping the Friday before.  But unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) a thunderstorm blew in and we didn't get to go.  Instead we set up the old tent (which most definitely CANNOT fit 2 air mattresses and a pack-n-play) in our living room and had a home camping trip.  The boys LOVED jumping around in the tent.  Micah went to sleep in his own bed, but Luke slept in the tent.

That night Micah woke up with a fever that climbed steadily.  And the thunderstorm turned into a tornado.  So it's good that we didn't go on our trip.  

Saturday we took Micah into an Urgent Care.  He had an ear infection (again!) and the weekend was spent nursing our little Sicky.  

So Jared's actual birthday was not quite what we'd planned.  Jared stayed home with Micah so that I could be in nursery.  For Jared, maybe that was a nice break.  We had a special dinner.  We drove down to the beach to go for a walk.  And then, the best part of the day:


Luke helped decorate the cake.

He really wanted to blow out the candles.

But we told him that it was Dada's birthday, so Dada got to blow out the candles.  Luke was pretty understanding about that.  He liked singing Happy Birthday to "D," and he told Jared good job for blowing out the candles.

So after Jared blew out his candles, we lit them again and let Luke blow.

Happy B-day to you, Babesy!

I love you!

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texasmima said...

What a fun cake. Looks like Luke is still doing good with his glasses. I really like them.