Monday, May 28, 2012

Saying Goodbye

It's been a very bitter-sweet month for us.  There have been so many exciting things, like graduation! and visits from family.  We enjoyed the short respite from school in between graduation and starting bar preparation in which we spent much more time as a family.  We have also had some special times with friends.

It's the friend part that is so bitter-sweet.  Saying good-bye isn't fun.  There's no way around that.  We have had to say good-bye to many friends this month.  I never imagined that I had so many "kindred spirits" in this world, but a good many of them live in (or lived in) Williamsburg, VA.

There were a couple bit get-togethers which allowed us to say good-bye to many of our friends and acquaintances.  There was the ending social for the J. Reuben Clark Law Society.

Rachel and Luke driving the tractor

Rachel is a year younger than Luke, but they are super good buds.  Just yesterday he had his very first kiss while playing a princess game with Rachel.  Luke wasn't the best Prince Charming, but he obediently planted a kiss when ordered.

Several of our friends eating dinner

I got to know Heather when I watched her daughter Esme for a few brief months before I ended up too sick to walk (pregnancy...yuck!).  She is so cool!  And of course Keegan is one of my super special friends.  I will miss not having her just a mini-block away.  What will I do when I need a spur-of-the-moment play date next year?!!

A lot of 2L families left town before graduation weekend.  It was crazy to say good-bye so soon.  

Melissa and I hosted a graduation party for Jared and Jason on the Friday evening of graduation weekend.  I was happy to see so many of our good friends.

And glad my parents could be there to meet them.

I was excited to see Baby Sylvia and really meet her for the first time!

I took this picture because it absolutely CRACKS ME UP how boys and girls separate at these kind of get-togethers.  It is one of the ways you know junior high never completely leaves.  Ha Ha

We hope those of you far, far away are having good summers.  Know that we miss you and are happy to have been part of your lives.

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