Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony was the highlight of graduation weekend.  Jared was honored for graduating Summa Cum Laude (top 3%), finishing #6 out of 206 students.  He also made Order of the Coif (top 10%).  On top of GPA honors, he also received the American Bankruptcy Institute Award for his 42 page paper on 363 sales.  I bet you all wish you could read it.  And you probably will be able to because it is sure to be published.  Jared also received the Special Education Advocacy Award for his work in William and Mary's special education advocacy clinic.  He represented students in order to help them get the services they require in the school districts.  I was happy to see Jared receive this award because I know how hard he worked for the clinic.  He was very invested in the students and their families, and he worked for each family as if the student were Luke.  I think being in the parents' shoes, at least in a way, helped him be a wonderful advocate.

This is Jared accepting the Special Education Advocacy Award from Professor Roberts.

This was the only award I saw Jared receive.  I was a little late arriving at the ceremony, and the Order of the Coif awards had already been given.  I was dealing with Micah during the Bankruptcy award.  There was a break where I didn't need to listen for anything (during the law journal awards) during which time I played in the lobby with my parents and the boys.  I let Luke and Micah climb up the stairs and wander around on the second floor for a bit.  Luke looked out a window and found all the air conditioners on the flat roof.  He was so excited he wanted to show Mima.  We went down to find her, and while Luke and Mima went ahead of us, Micah and I climbed up behind.  When we found them, Luke was not at the window as I had expected.  He had discovered a door by the window that led out to the roof and was running around looking at all the air conditioners.  Mom was trapped because the door locked once it closed, so if she chased after him they'd both be locked out on the roof.  Luckily Micah and I were not far behind, so I was able to hand off Micah and herd Luke back inside.  Just in time for the Advocacy Award.  All in all, a very eventful award ceremony.

Good job, Jared!

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Keegan said...

That husband of yours is one impressive guy! Way to go, Jared! And congratulations to all of you for being done with grad school (at least for awhile). Love you all and miss you.