Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Public Policy Graduation

Jared always planned on being an attorney when he decided to go to law school, but he has always been very interested in public policy too.  He knew that if he was ever going to get a master's in public policy, he needed to do it concurrently with his law education.  We came to William and Mary because of the dual degree-- Jared was impressed with both the law school and the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy.

Jared's policy program graduation was on Saturday, May 12th.  The policy program only had 16 master's graduates, so it was a very personable graduation.   Jared knew every single graduate as well as all the faculty, and that made it special for him.  

Jared is wearing a different gown than everyone else because he is wearing the robes for the law school.

Jared, Becca, and ?

Professors Jensen and MacBeth

Waiting for his name

Getting that "diploma"

Luke and I went to the very front of the room right before Jared's name was called so that I could get a good picture.  Right after Jared accepted his diploma, and while I was putting the camera back into the bag, Luke hopped up onto the stage and stuck his hand out to shake Professor Jensen's hand as well.  Luckily everyone just laughed, and Professor Jensen shook Luke's hand and gave him his very own "diploma."

Luke thought it was a spy glass.

Congrats, Jared!!!

So glad you chose William and Mary!!!

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Bill said...

Way to go, Jared. Wish we could have been there for all of the graduations and awards! Congratulations. Love, Dad and Mom