Thursday, May 24, 2012

Law Grad

Jared graduated from law school on Sunday, May 13.  The graduation was actually outside at the amphitheater, but we had to get a picture in front of the law school.  So here it is:

There were over 200 graduates, so opposed to the policy graduation, this was a huge crowd.  The graduation started at 1:30, and they didn't start calling names until nearly 3.  TOO. MANY. SPEECHES.  Even Jared was bored, so I don't think he'd be offended by my saying that.  

Graduates walking down:

Listening to speeches.

And more speeches.

We did a LOT of this:

And this:

Finally, it was close to Jared's turn!

Most of the time, I love the name Wilkerson.  But there are times I wouldn't mind being an Allred.

Luke loved hearing Jared's name called.  Luke thought it was so cool that he kept saying, "Jared.  Aaron.  Wilkerson," all the way home.  

And it's official!  

Congrats, Grad!


Russ and Ashley said...

How exciting, congrats!

Sarah said...

Hooray for Jared! Congrats!

that's WAY too many speeches.

Amesbury said...

Yah for Jared and your family!

Valerie Christensen said...

Congrats! I remember being so excited when Jared was done with graduation and then I realized he still had to take the bar! Yuck!

And yeah, that was a long graduation. Whoever planned that must not have kids.