Sunday, May 23, 2010

Virginia Living Museum Highlights

Last week we went to Newport News to go to Costco, and since we were so close (and I still had a 50% off admission ticket), we went to the Virginia Living Museum too. Luke and I hadn't been since January. I was hoping that he would do better at looking at the animals instead of garbage cans and ceiling fans.

The aviary, and the view of the fish from the top

Luke's favorite inside attraction-- buttons! When the button is pushed it will make an animal sound.

Amber and the alligator

This is the new part of the museum that was finished right before our membership expired. Luke liked sitting and watching the water. He also liked trying to climb up to the top of the waterfall so he could throw things into the water. GRRRR!

Luke likes looking at pictures of owls, eagles, and other animals. He also likes being outside, so I was pretty sure he would like the outside exhibit. He did-- but for different reasons.

Best smile in a long time. He found some trash to put in the yucky garbage.
Thank you, Grandma Debbi for Luke's cute shirt!

And looking at the ceiling fans.

Oh, well. Maybe in another year he'll really get it. I think Amber had a good time. And even though I didn't get to see everything with Luke, I had a good time too.

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