Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Family Home Evening and Details on Luke

Jared and I felt that the biggest, loudest, clearest message during conference was to strengthen our family and to make sure we have done everything we can to help our children gain a testimony. We talked about how we can do better and decided to make weekly Family Home Evening our goal. During April we used the Nursery Manual for our lessons. So far during May we have designed lessons based on goals for Luke.

Luke has picked up tons of words lately and copies lots of things that we say. However, he refused to say the word please. We had a lesson about the power of our words and read the scripture in James chapter 3 about our tongue having the power to start a fire. We also read about the 2 great commandments and how we can show love for people by speaking nicely to them. We practiced saying please and thank you (Luke already had thank you down) and warned Luke that we were going to practice saying please during the week. Luke had a frustrating few days. He would come to us to open something or ask for a toy, and he threw a fit when we wanted him to say please first. But he picked up on it pretty quick. Now he's pretty fast about saying please. I think praying for his understanding and progress has also made a big difference.

Luke has started hitting. He has never hit another child, but when he is pouting he will hit Jared, Amber, or I. He also hits the floor, furniture, or himself. If he hits another person he goes to time out every time. He is starting to stop and think before he hits (like 1 out of 3 pouts), but that also means that he is still hitting quite often when he gets angry or when he is "voicing" his displeasure about something. This Monday Jared did a Family Home Evening lesson on what our hands are for. We first said what hands are NOT for which basically meant that we said "Don't hit" lots of times and had Luke copy us saying that. Then we talked about what hands ARE for. We ate a snack, combed our hair, pretended to hold a baby, pretended to pet a cat, and then drew pictures. While Luke still hits, there has been progress. Now when we send him to time out he says "Don't hit," so we know that he understands why he is there. And I think that he has hit less often. We still have a long way to go, but I definitely think that FHE is helping us in our progress.

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