Thursday, May 27, 2010

He's Always Watching

We're no dummies. We know by now that Luke pays attention to what he sees and hears, but it still amazes me how CLOSELY he watches. Yesterday (the 26th) Luke helped me make a birthday cake for Amber. Then last night we was "cooking" by himself. I was amazed at what he would do with the egg and how he taps the measuring cup against the bowl just like I do.

Luke copies a lot more than cooking. My sister-in-law, Sarah, wrote a post about saying the word crap and having her son Skyler copy her. Luke has said that word as well. We have since really tried to watch what we say and have been substituting other words. The other day I changed his poopy diaper, and less than 5 minutes later he pooped again. I told him, "Luke! These things cost a quarter a piece. You're not pooping in water!" He gave me a look of pure surprise and said, "Holy cow!"

Yesterday we went to dinner for Amber's birthday. I brought a coloring book and crayons along. Jared told me to write his name and see if Luke recognized it. I wrote L, and Luke said "L." He also said "U" and "K" and when I was done he said "Luke." We felt proud that he is so smart. He is definitely learning during our art times.

But there is one thing that I most love to hear him copy. Luke has started folding his arms at different times during the day and saying, "Heavenly Father. Thank you day," and then he goes on with whatever he's doing. This teaches me two things: a) He is learning about prayer and is ready to start saying his own with help and b) We're too repetitive with our beginning.

What a smart boy!

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Spencer and Sara said...

My nephew just started saying "SHUT UP" They are ALWAYS watching hahaha