Friday, April 16, 2010

Leave It To Luke

Luke has done some really annoying/ funny things lately that I want to remember.

1. 2 weeks ago I took Luke to CW for the first time in over 2 months. He was running from yucky garbage to yucky garbage much like always except that either he is faster than I remembered or else I am much slower. It's probably some of both. Anyway, he was a few feet in front of me charging up to a garbage can, and I see a huge chunk of lime green gum stuck to the outside of it. I screamed out, "Wait! NO!" right as his right hand smashed down onto the wad. He pulled his hand back and a huge string of gum connected him to the can. In a panic he tried to wipe it off with his left hand. This did nothing except create a string of gum between his two hands. Then he really panicked. He started wiping his hands on everything yelling "Get Off!" The gum was up both arms and all over his shirt all the while I am frantically trying to get the baby wipes out of the diaper bag. I finally succeeded and got the gum mostly off his hands and arms (it really didn't come off his shirt) and then rushed him off to find a bathroom with some soap and hot water. Grrrr... I hate his trash can obession.

2. This is also about trash cans. The other day (Tuesday to be exact) Luke asked me to go to the swings. I told him we could go to the swings after we went to the bank. We got in the car and when we didn't go directly to the swings he started to cry. You'd think he really wanted to swing, right? Wrong. When we got to the park, Luke spent the ENTIRE time running from trash can to trash can. And since I was starting to feel extremely sick I was even more annoyed than normal. I did not risk my own health to look at garbage cans. I risked getting really sick to give my kid a ride on the swings. But at least he had fun, right? I'm really not sure why I want to remember this except that one day I'm sure I'll bring it up to one of his dates and embarrass him.

3. Luke continues to love the washing machine. I usually do one load a day. That way the laundry never completely overwhelms me and I have time to forget about the clothes in the dryer without creating an emergency in my house. Plus Luke always asks to turn on the water in the washer, so once a day he gets his washer high. We're both happy. The only down side is that Luke likes to "help" with the laundry. He wants to be the one to put in the soap. He usually gets it all in the washer but sometimes he kind of flings the soap and then I have to scrub down the sides of the washer. Plus he wants to pour bleach into every load regardless of the color. He's never actually put bleach in a colored load. He just gets mad when I don't put it in. I know this doesn't sound all that annoying at all, but just wait. I'm not done. On Wednesday I took the clothes out of the dryer that I had forgotten from the day before and folded all the clothes. They were still sitting in piles to be put away when I started the next load. Luke heard the water start and while I was in my bedroom gathering whites Luke picked up the FOLDED, CLEAN laundry and started putting it in the washing machine. When I walked back out to put in the whites he looked up at me and said, "Thank you Luke." At least he felt some sense of accomplishment. I, on the other hands, got to do TWO loads of laundry.

4. On Monday night my friend Hayley came over to loan me some of her maternity clothes. Luke kept taking her keys, so I gave him Jared's keys to substitute for Hayley's. It was a dumb idea, I know. Anyway the next morning Jared couldn't find his keys anywhere. I admitted (with a shamed face) that I let Luke play with them. We tore the house apart looking for them but to no avail. Jared left with his spare key and I kept looking. I called Hayley to see if she'd picked up Jared's keys by mistake. She hadn't, but she helped me think of places to look. Luckily Smart Hayley had her thinking cap on. She asked me if I'd checked the washer. I went and looked-- sure enough, there they were.

5. Luke really likes Blue's Clues. He pretends to get letters and wants us to sing the mail and letter songs. He holds a book and moves it back and forth in front of his chest humming the tune. We sing the song and then Luke turns the book around and says, "Oh look!" Then we have to say, "It's a letter from our friends." And then Luke says, "Bye Joe!" He also climbs into one of our camping chairs and puts both hands under his chin and sings, "Think." All that is very adorable. I find it soooo adorable.

BUT... Jared bought some Luvs diapers for Luke, and they have Blue's Clues characters on them. Luke is constantly taking his pants off so he can see the character. He can't quite see them with just his pants off though, so he pulls on them until either a) his penis is sticking up out of the diaper-- this is not the goal it just happens as he pulls on the diaper trying to see Blue) or b) he gets the diaper off. In addition, I had to move his diaper basket to a dresser inside his closet because at least twice a day he would empty it and sort all the diapers into 2 piles: those with Blue and those with other characters. While I believe his ability to organize so well points to a high intelligence, having to continually pick up his diapers was kind of annoying. So lesson learned. We are NEVER buying Luvs again.


Kathleen said...

very ballsy to put the word "penis" in a post. see, i read the entire thing!

luke is adorable. he has SO much personality. you could get so much money for him if you sold him on ebay.

but you know, trash collectors in new york city make a killing so this obsession could be a little bit of a diamond in the rough kind of situation.

The Razz Fam said...

he sounds like one fun two-year-old!! Isn't it the BEST!?

Sarah said...

lol, that was funny.

We are never buying Elmo diapers again for the same reason. He really really wishes I would.