Friday, April 30, 2010


Yesterday Amber and I met up with 2 of my friends: Amber Larsen (with her daughter Sophie) and Erica Snow (with her three boys: Andrew, Isaac, and Sam). Luke absolutely loves Isaac. He talks about him often, loves the nursery page in his Gospel ABC book with Isaac's picture, and calls every boy with a buzz Isaac.

Number 1 attraction: yucky garbage

Number 2: rocks!!!

This is my big belly at 18 weeks. I hope it's not an indication that I will keep growing at this rate. I won't be able to balance by week 30 if I do. I was so glad that Amber was with us at Jamestown because Luke would take off running and I just can't follow him fast enough. I'm not THAT big, but it still makes running at any decent speed difficult. And a side note: I'm starting to feel the baby move.

I pried Luke away from throwing rocks to take a picture with Amber. He was NOT happy about it. AT ALL.


Spencer and Sara said...

You look great! When do you find out what it is?

E said...

so much fun! Thanks for inviting us alone!