Monday, April 12, 2010


A few days before Easter, I felt a big improvement. In the mornings I felt relatively well and even made it to the grocery store for the first time. I was only lay down/ throw up sick for a few hours in the late afternoon and early evening.

We hadn't planned anything for Easter, but our apartment complex put on an egg hunt for the little kiddies, and we decided to take Luke.

Waiting for the hunt to start

Ready, Set, Go...
We were excited that Luke understood the hunt this year. He looked around for the eggs and knew that he was supposed to put the eggs in his bucket. Dada had to hold the bucket.

The eggs were gone pretty fast, and as soon as they were Luke was ready to move on to bigger and better things... like the A/C. If you were wondering, it was off. I'm positive of this because Luke told us at least 10 times.

Smelling the "popcorn" on the way home

Later that day Luke was playing with his eggs and he got one of them open. There were M&Ms inside. Luke LOVES M&Ms! After that he hurriedly opened the rest of his eggs looking for "siminininims."

Sunday was a rough day for me. Since we were home all day, I didn't take any drugs and apparently I still need them. So we didn't do any traditional Eastery things that day (like eat a big ham dinner). We watched conference though, and that's pretty Eastery. And Luke got a new Blue's Clues movie from the Easter Bunny.

But on Monday we dyed our Easter eggs after our FHE lesson. With Luke's help it took about one minute to dye all 12 eggs.

He hogged all the eggs.

Loading the cups

Admiring his handy work

And done!

The finished result. How beautiful.


Amber said...

Super cute pictures. I am SOO excited to see Luke!

Sarah said...

Those are really cute pictures. i'm sad we didn't get to do a lot of that stuff because we were on our way to China.

I'm also VERY glad to hear you are feeling better!!!!