Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some things I want to remember

Luke does some adorable things that I want to remember. Here are a few of his latest:

1. When Luke coughs hard I usually pat him on the back. Now, he's started patting his chest whenever he coughs and he makes a very pitiful face to go along with the pat.

2. Luke loves to pretend to cook. He takes out my pots and pans CONSTANTLY. He gets really excited when you ask him for a taste. He'll walk over and shove the spoon in my mouth.

3. This one is not so adorable, but should be documented. You may have noticed that Luke doesn't have his binkie in any of the recent pictures. He only gets it in his bed now. But the lack thereof has made some disgusting habits. He sticks his hands in his mouth a lot and even bites them. Sometimes he has bite marks along his knuckles. Also, his sweet little hands smell like spit. Yuck!

4. Luke's new object of obsession is the garbage can. Any garbage can. When he sees one he yells "Yuck" and then runs over to it and pleads "Up, Up" so that he can be picked up and see all the trash inside. It's really one of his favorite things.

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