Sunday, October 19, 2014

Micah's Birthday

This year Micah wanted a Peppa Pig party.  Decorating ended up being very fun.  We put up some pictures and books.  I found these stuffed animals on Amazon for $5/ pair.  And then a friend brought us back a Peppa Pig magazine from England.  I cut out the pictures and hung them around the kitchen.

Table centerpiece

I loved his cake!  We ordered it from a lady whose business in called "Patty Cakes."  Grandma Debbi orders cakes from her often and can get a good deal, so she ordered it for me.

Micah was lucky to have many family members visit Europe this summer, so he got lots of Peppa Pig items that crossed a wide blue ocean to get to this little silly boy.

Peppa pig dolls

Peppa pig dough

And Kinder eggs!!!

I accidentally bought trick candles!

Playing with dough at the end of the night.

What a great party!!!

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