Sunday, November 2, 2014


I think Luke first saw a violin in church.  Someone played during sacrament meeting.  He was fascinated, and he asked a lot of questions about the violin.  Then we visited Megan (my sister) and Luke learned that his cousins, Taylie and Brenna, played the violin.  He got to see one up close.  And then he started asking to play the violin.  He was about 4 years old.  We originally told him that he could start violin lessons when he started Kindergarten.  But then Kinder was such an adjustment that we waited until this year.  Luke is in first grade.  

It was a little bit tricky to find a teacher.  I couldn't find anyone through church here in Katy.  I asked Mom if she knew anyone who taught lessons, and she told me that Sister Reyes from Bear Creek Ward (my ward growing up) played.  If she didn't teach lessons herself, she'd know someone who did.  So I called, and she teaches.  Luke started the first week of school.  Luke LOVES his lessons, and he practices on his own --without reminders from me!-- almost every day.  When he first started he just did plucking while he learned fingering.  He started using the bow a few weeks ago.  

The videos are out of order.  The bottom one should be first.  It was before he learned the bow.


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That is so cool! It's crazy to think that these kids are getting old enough for music lessons (well yours anyway -- mine aren't in them yet) -- one more big milestone for sure! (And the fact that he practices on his own is golden!)