Sunday, October 5, 2014


Meet Phoenix!

Phoenix is a 3 year old Dachshund/ Chihuahua mix (like Griffin) that we adopted from the local shelter a week ago.  We actually picked him out 3 weeks ago, but Phoenix had kennel cough and couldn't come home until he finished treatments.  He is a great play-mate for Griffin.  They are about the same size-- Phoenix is about 2 pounds lighter than Griff.  

Phoenix is a great dog!  We didn't know much about him when we adopted him because he had been found on the street, so the shelter didn't have any history on him.  We brought Griffin with us to the shelter to pick out his friend, so we knew Phoenix and Griff played well together, and we knew that Phoenix would be good with the boys, but that's all we knew.  It turns out that Phoenix is house trained, walks well on the leash, and doesn't scratch at doors!  He does have one flaw, and that is that he has separation anxiety.  If I leave the room he whines.  But even that is getting lots better.  The first 2 nights he cried and whined in his crate.  It was awful!  But he hasn't cried at night since.  He has also started cuddling up in his crate if I leave the room, so he isn't whining as much.  I think soon he won't whine at all.  He is a great addition to our family.

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Valerie Christensen said...

He is cute! I am really starting to wonder why I wanted a puppy so bad! I would LOVE to have a dog that is already house trained!!