Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Little Gym Showcase

On the very last day of classes-- almost 2 months ago now!--the little gymnasts got to show off their skills.  Here are a few pictures from the boys' showcases.

Luke doing a forward roll

Front support
(into a front flip)

Receiving his medal.
I LOVE that smile.


And with his teacher, Ms. Harley


I am really, REALLY glad that Luke did The Little Gym last year.  It was good for him to have a structured activity that was both active and social.  He improved in his ability to listen to and follow directions, and I think his motor planning and gross motor skills also improved.  He had fun and felt proud of himself.  So it was a good experience.

Micah had a good experience with The Little Gym also.  He began in a parent/child class, but he moved to an independent class after a few months.  He struggled in the independent class.  He was clearly the one who struggled most listening and following direction.  And staying on task.  And keeping his hands to himself.  Okay, he was the naughty kid!  But his teachers were very understanding, and despite his challenges, they really liked Micah.  And though he was a handful, he did make a lot of progress throughout the year.  Here are some of the pictures from his showcase:

Jumping over a stick with 2 feet

Stopping to smile!

Lifting up to a front support--
Gotta brag.  He was the only kid who could sustain the front support!

With his medal

And with his class and teacher, Ms. Tasha

For all we had a great experience last year, I'm not sure if we will be returning to The Little Gym.  Luke REALLY loved swimming lessons (more on swimming later!) and decided that he'd rather continue swimming year round.  Micah will be switching preschools to one with slightly longer hours, so I think he will only do school next year.  We put him into tumbling for a social activity, but he will get plenty of socialization at school.  All the same, if you are looking for a good tumbling school, I would DEFINITELY recommend The Little Gym.

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