Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fire Station Tour

During the first week of summer vacation our play group went to the Katy Fire Station for a tour.  We were the first ones to arrive, and the boys loved playing with Katy, the fire dog, while we waited for everyone else to get there.

First we went into the training/ conference room for a fire safety presentation.  The kids all got these cute hats.

Then one of the firemen dressed up in his gear so the kids could see what he looked like.  They stressed that he was wearing his helper clothes and that even though he looked funny, he was a good guy.  So if there was ever a fire the kids should run TO him, not away from him.

Then we got to go outside to see the trucks.  Every child got a chance to spray the fire hose.

And climb aboard one of the fire trucks.

These pictures make it look like my boys were great little participants the whole time.  The truth is that doing the outside presentation, the boys spent the ENTIRE time--minus their turn to spray the water-- trying to sneak away to see the air conditioners.  So after the tour when I asked them what their favorite part was, I wasn't surprised to hear them answer, "Air Conditioners!"  For anyone who is interested-- MY favorite part was SEEING THE FIRE TRUCK!!!

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Keegan said...

Wow! What a great tour! I should check that out in our area -- I wonder if it would be as good . . .