Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Eve

We had a fun Christmas week.  The weekend before Jared took Saturday off.  I think it was the first Sat. since starting at Gardere that he didn't work at all!  We went to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa, but the line was INSANE.  So Jared lifted the boys up on his shoulders (one at a time, obviously) and they got to wave to Santa.  They were happy with that, and then we went off to drive 4 wheelers and boats.  Then we had lunch at Los Cucos-- best Tex Mex EVER.  Micah spilled his drink all over himself and ended up wearing the extra clothes:  one of Luke's shirts and a pair of 24 mo. pants.  Apparently I need to update my emergency stash.  Ha Ha.  Then we went fishing at our neighborhood's stocked pond.  While Jared was giving Luke a lesson on casting I made Micah sit for a little photo shoot.  He doesn't understand the command "smile" at all, but I still love the first 2 pics.

Luke got pretty good at casting:

And Micah liked reeling it in.  

The lure was shaped like a minnow, and Micah thought he caught a fish every single time he reeled it in.  It was really funny to see him get so excited every time even though he never actually caught a fish.

On Christmas Eve we spent the morning hanging out.  We went to the "train park" and then we tried our hand at fishing again.  It was too bad that I forgot my camera on Christmas Eve because Jared actually caught a fish that time.

That evening we went to the Herrera's for a delicious feast and a little party.  Grandma Debbi, Grandpa Terry, Jennifer, and Victor spoiled us all shamelessly.  The boys had so much fun opening all of their presents!  And then they opened everyone else's.  I think in this picture Micah is actually opening Debbi's mother's present.

The boys are so lucky to have a set of grandparents close!!!

And then Jared and I got to stay up til 1 am playing with hammers, screw drivers, and the like.  But we were ready for Christmas morning, unlike last year when Sick Santa left Luke a bike still in the box.  Ha Ha Ha.

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