Thursday, January 16, 2014

Photo Shoot

Since the beginning of November we have mostly rotated through one sickness after another and watched the weather change from warm to cold and back again.  The weather changes probably have something to do with the constant sickies, but for whatever reason there haven't been a lot of picture moments. And thus there haven't been too many blog posts.  But I did drag the camera out one rather chilly morning and forced the boys to sit for a little photo shoot.  This is what I got:

A lot of Luke's pictures turned out well, I think.

I couldn't get Micah to smile to save my life.
Good thing my life doesn't depend on his smile, I guess.

Cute kids!


texasmima said...

They are cute!!

Keegan said...

Wow! They are so grown up! I loved your Christmas card by the way. They are so cute both of them! And I love Micah's funny expressions.

Amber Cox said...

Luke's pics are so cute!! Micah's too, but Luke's smile is simply awesome.

Sarah said...

Cute and getting so grown up.